Dell Releases Significant Report on International Security Trends and Attitudes

dellreportBy Steven Caponi

Last month, the computer giant Dell released a report entitled “Protecting the Organization Against the Unknown: A New Generation of Threats.” The report, which is well worth a few minutes to read, was authored by the independent technology market research firm Vanson Bourne. Dell commissioned the report to examine how organizations are preventing security breaches as well as the degree to which IT security will be a priority over the next twelve months. The report analyzes the impact security breaches have had on various organizations and how organizations are protecting themselves from potential vulnerabilities associated with the adoption of BYOD, cloud, and increased Internet usage.

What makes this report particularly interesting is the breadth of survey participants, both numerically and geographically. The report reflects the results of 1,440 IT decision-makers from private sector organizations with 500 or more employees, as well as from public organizations with 500 or more end users. The interviewees were located in ten countries: the U.S., Canada, the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, India, Austria, and China. The survey topics included: IT Security in Organizations; Current Policies and Strategies; Responding to Security Threats; and Understanding the Threat.

Highlights from the report include:

  • Enterprises are spending an average of 17 percent of their IT budget on IT security. This focus on security is set to increase in the near future, as 86 percent of IT decision-makers surveyed report that their organizations will be prioritizing security over the next twelve months.
  • During the past year, security breaches cost respondent organizations an average of almost $1 million each.
  • Unsurprisingly, organizations are more likely to prioritize and commit resources to prevent breaches after they become a victim.
  • Appreciating the nature of the threat, 64 percent of the respondents were resigned to the fact that it is not a matter of if they will be breached, but when.
  • While 91 percent of those surveyed were hosting in the cloud and 93 percent adopted BYOD policies, only 46 percent implemented cloud security and 44 percent adopted policies for BYOD security.
  • 53 percent of survey participants see the government as an important partner in helping achieve operational security.

Click here for a copy of the full report.

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