Wichita Kansas E-Procurement Website Hacked

By Steven Caponi

The City of Wichita announced that it is cooperating with the FBI to investigate a recent hacking incident involving the city’s procurement website.  Preliminary indications suggest personal information of thousands of vendors and employees were exposed. This attack on a local government site could be an anomaly or suggest we are going to experience a wave of cyber attacks directed at vulnerable government web sites.

One of the city’s 14 web sites, its e-procurement website, was hacked over the weekend compromising the private financial information of vendors that have done business with the City and current or former employees who have been reimbursed for travel and other expenses since 1997.  As many as 29,000 vendors and employees may be affected.

The Attack affected the City’s procurement process and city officials are working with their e-procurement software vendor to make certain the procurement system is operating and secure.  The city issued the following statement

“The City of Wichita is deeply concerned about this breach of security and the impact it may have on our vendors and employees,” City Manager Robert Layton said. “Numerous steps are being taken to obtain more information about the incident, including the involvement of appropriate law enforcement agencies.”

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