New iPhone Security Feature Hacked by Chaos

By Steven Caponi

As with all Apple products, the launch of the iPhone 5s was heavily anticipated, overly hyped, and embraced with significant fanfare.  Unfortunately, a few individuals with more nefarious intentions were hidden within the long lines of Apple devotes seeking to buy the latest and greatest phone.  These individuals were members of the Chaos Computer Club (“CCC”), Europe’s self-proclaimed “largest association of hackers.”

Within hours of securing their iPhone 5s, the CCC claimed to have bypassed the Touch ID feature using some tried-and-true methods.  According to their claim, the CCC took a photograph of a user’s fingerprint that was left on a glass surface, created a latex recreation of said fingerprint, and held it against said user’s iPhone 5s to successfully authenticate their way into the device.

A more detailed account of how this hack was accomplished can be found in this article written by David Murphy and the team at P.C. Magazine.

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